Aussie Bamboo Comfort Business Sock


Our dependency on China for most of our manufactured goods has become glaringly apparent in recent months. Many customers have asked for products made in Australia so Bamboo Textiles have decided to start bringing some of their manufacturing back here. Australia’s cost of living and wages are comparatively much higher than most of the world and we have a lot of government and union regulations to comply with which makes Australian production a bit more expensive but the quality is excellent – so here we go… Bamboo Textiles have produced the Aussie Business Sock in 4 different sizes, at this stage only in black or navy. Help support Australian Made and in time they will bring more manufacturing back to Australia!

Aussie Bamboo Business Sock
Aussie Bamboo Comfort Business Sock $13.00

Treat your feet, feel like you are walking on the softest, thickest carpet. Cushion Foot, Stocking top

Thermo-Regulating, they will keep your feet warmer in winter and cooler in summer

100% Degradable

Composition: 90% Bamboo 10% Lycra Elastane

Made In Australia

Great with Dress Shoes, Dress Boots and Girls I suggest wearing them with your fashion boots, soft under foot, but soft and slim for your calves

Reduces the bacteria that causes foot odour

Keeps sweat away from the skin

Perfect for those with allergies to wool or man-made fibres

A Great All Day Sock

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