Grip Socks for Yoga, Pilates & Barre


Maximum grippage … minimum slippage

Remember when, as kids, you’d put on some old socks and then race¬†down the corridor, laughing like crazy, and slide to the end, all the while trying to stay upright and not crash through a wall or door (or take out a sibling)? No? Well maybe that was just me ūüėČ

Anyway … our Bamboo Grips Socks CAN’T be used for such hilarious shenanigans! Mainly because, as the name suggests, our bamboo non-slip¬†socks feature a pattern of latex grip dots on the soles that will enhance your safety and comfort when doing yoga, pilates, barre or pretty much anything else where grip on your feet is handy.

There is just no way they can be used for sliding down corridors (try these socks instead)! However they are perfect for workouts or for when you need maximum grippage and minimum slippage.

Grip socks for yoga, pilates & barre. Made from bamboo!
Grip Socks for Yoga, Pilates & Barre $14.00

Benefits of grip socks

Grip socks (or non-slip socks) are a specifically designed footwear option that aid in many movement activities to provide enhanced grip on slippery floor surfaces like tiles, polished concrete, wood and lino.

These non-slip socks aid in health & safety by ensuring the wearer avoids slipping while using exercise equipment or while performing workouts like yoga, pilates or barre.

Non slip grip socks for yoga, pilates & barre

Yoga, pilates and barre type activities all involve movement, balance and stretching the body and as such rely heavily on the body being firmly and safely planted on the floor surface.

The embedded¬†latex grip dots on the soles of our Bamboo Grip Socks have been specifically designed to effectively “stick” to slippery or shiny surfaces like ceramic tiles, polished concrete, polished wooden floorboards or lino.

This helps your feet maintain traction on these surfaces, allowing you to stretch deeper without fear of losing your grip and balance and potentially causing you to hurt yourself.

Why bamboo grip socks?

Bamboo is a naturally occurring plant fibre that has enhanced antibacterial as well as absorption and sweat wicking properties, meaning feet stay cooler, dryer and with less odour.

Other uses for bamboo non-slip socks

Not only are these socks good for your barre workout, they are also great for anyone who needs a little more surety of grip while walking, or who may need mobility assistance in aged care homes or hospitals. They are even handy for around the home, just to provide that little bit of extra stability.

If you are looking socks for sports, you might like to try our bamboo sports socks.

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 150 × 80 × 8 mm

Grey, White


Mens 4-6 / Womens 6-8, Mens 6-10 / Womens 8-11, Mens 10-14






64% Bamboo / 28% Tencel / 8% Elastane




Bamboo Textiles


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