Mens Extra Long Thick Bamboo Socks


Extra long thick bamboo socks for comfortable feet all day. These socks keep your feet cool, dry and odour free.

The extra length is great for high work boots, gumboots or horse riding boots.

Mens Extra Long Thick Bamboo Socks $17.00

There’s nothing quite like putting on a pair of Extra Long Thick Bamboo Socks for the very first time.

These socks are just what you need for high boots such as motorcycle boots, gumboots or horse riding boots.

The softness of the natural bamboo fibres, along with the reinforced top hem, means you can pull the sock onto your foot in one movement, ready to be inserted into your work boots. Job done!

Many people wash their socks daily … what a chore!

With the natural anti-bacterial properties of natural bamboo fibre, you may even be able to wear these work socks for up to a week* straight without washing.

* – This may vary depending on how hard you are on your socks or how smelly your feet are, however, we have a number of customers who have reported back to us that they went a full 7 days before they felt their socks needed washing. How cool is that?

Additional information

Weight 190 g
Dimensions 280 × 100 × 40 mm

Mens 6-10 / Womens 8-11, Mens 10-14, Mens 14-18


Black, Khaki, Navy


Knee High


Equestrian, Extra Thick




Bamboo Textiles